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Inside the casing

Possibly not the sharpest picture in the world but it does beautifully illustrate what is inside that humongous great metal thing called the 'computer'! Now that you actually look at it - not really that frightening is it! Let's have a quick gander at the various bits:-

At the top left hand side you have the Power Unit (PU) then below that you have the Motherboard (MOBO) then on the right hand side are the various storage bits'n'pieces such as the Hard-Disc (HDD) and DVD drive etc. If we move to the left again and we could look at the outside that would be the panel into which you plug your monitor; joystick; speakers and other devices.

OK! So - scroll down and let's have a snappy look at the MOBO (Motherboard) which is where the various functions are actually sorted out!


computer insides

The Motherboard or MOBO

The board illustrated is called the gigabyte_ds3 and was chosen because it has most of the main items you will find and happens to be clearly labelled which saves us from doing it. We are not going to be delving into the High Tech side of things but if you really want to then click here!

Oh my Goodness - what are all those 'slots':-

When you purchase a Graphics Card; Sound Card or Memory etc then it is into these slots that you push them - that's it - simples! OK! It is a little more complicated because, as you can see, there are various types of slots but we assure you, whatever you purchase will tell you which slot to use.

PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) - these are where you plug your Graphics and Sound etc. Some cards have specialist fixings (for example the 'Express' ones used mainly by Graphics) but once again you will be told which is what when you purchase

IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) and SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) connectors plug into your Hard Discs/DVD Drives and again, when you purchase the item, you will be told which to use! It might be worth nipping on to the Tech page just to see what the difference is then you can make sure you get the best for your purpose.

Memory Slots are for something called RAM (Random Access Memory). This is the working memory of your computer and the more you have usually the better!

CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the 'chip' that actually does all the electronics and processing. So, when you press a button or give a command it is this thing that carries it out.

PANEL SHIELD is just a fancy name for where you plug in your mouse; keyboard etc. This will also have accommodation for USB (Universal Serial Bus); Broadband cable; speakers etc.

The other bits'n'pieces you really don't have to understand unless you want to get all teccy and play around with things. Right, now scroll down a bit further and we'll just look at some of the common terms you'll come across when talking about computers.



 Gigabyte MOtherboard