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Peter and Annette Trayner

At the time of writing they are in their 39th year of marriage having tied the knot at 11:30 on the 2nd September 1972. Having survived a not uneventful life, including the arrival of two children, they are now on the brink of retirement (well, Annette is but apparently Peter has a little more time to go - according to Annette anyway)!

Annette was born on the 14th April 1946 in Oxford and was educated at Greycoates School for Girls. Achieving a very respectful number of GCE's at both 'O' level and 'A' level, Annette went on to sample teacher training. Unfortunately this was found to be a mistake and Annette chose to return home where a career in librarianship was undertaken. For many years Annette worked at the University Science Library in Oxford (an offshoot of the Bodlean) rising to the position of Senior Library Assistant specialising in 'interlibrary loans'. Due to the, then, rank structure of this institution Annette would have been unable to progress beyond this position as this would have required a University Degree. Annette did qualify for and become a member of the Library Association. Following the birth of her first child (John) in 1976 Annette left the library to become a full time mother albeit maintaining her expertise by undertaking part-time work with the local library. It was not until a couple of years after the birth of her second child (Tanya) in 1978 that Annette returned to full-time employment accepting a position as Company Librarian for a giant Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Company. Running this library in a friendly and efficient fashion obviously paid off because some years later the Library was closed (along with several other parts) yet Annette was the only one of 15 people to be offered an alternative position. The position was with the purchasing dept. and it is here where Annette has served faithfully for the last 12 odd years, again rising to Senior Purchasing Officer.
Annette loves to dance and has been forever disappointed that a career in Ballet was denied her. Compensation for this has been found in both Scottish Country Dancing and just lately Ballroom/Latin. Of a practical and 'hands-on' nature Annette is also fond of Art; Dolls House decoration (including the making of furniture) and is a 'seamstress' of some note (including the design and making of her own Wedding Dress which can be seen on the right under the 'old fogies' illustration). Basically, anything which is hands and creative.

Peter was born on the 14th August 1949 (at 5pm) on a country estate called Clumber Park, Worksop, formerly owned by the Duke of Newcastle but at that time jointly owned by the National Trust and the County Council. Peter's father was the National Trust Agent for the Midlands. Peter is the youngest of three boys, (brothers are Hugh and Richard). At the age of 1 1/2 yrs his parents split up and during the ensuing years Peter lived in various places until ending up in Oxford where he was educated (?) at the Salesian Public Grammer School. Unfortunately due to his birth in the middle of the school summer holidays Peter invariably found himself in a class where all the other boys were younger than himself. A very intelligent child he subsequently found the curriculum far too easy and developed a habit of pure laziness resulting in his not gaining brilliant results(he only got one 'O' level)!
Absolutely mad about aeroplanes and flying, Peters' aim was to get into the Royal Air Force as a pilot but a pre-assesment for the Air Force, just before he was due to take his leaving school exams, told him that he could not serve in the peacetime Air Force due to a medical condition. It has always been considered that this was another deciding factor in his poor educational results.
Leaving school at the age of 16 Peter moved to london where he took up a post as a Trainee Buyer with Harrods of Knightsbridge, receiving a thorough grounding in customer service and courtesy. His mother being taken ill and Peter being the only one of the three boys available he returned to Oxford where he took a post as Departmental Manager in a local Department Store (Bakers of Oxford). This lasted for about a year when, his mother having recovered, he returned to London where he obtained a post with the P & O Steam Navigation Company. Made redundant during a round of cut-backs within a couple of years Peter again returned to Oxford where he took a post as an Accounts officer with a large Oxford bookshop called Blackwells. At this point his fortunes finally took a turn for the better and he successfully rose through the ranks to become a Departmental Supervisor. It was during this period of his life that Peter and Annette came together and formed the incredibly strong bond that has persisted since. Following the birth of his two children Peter, in an attempt to make a better salary, tried his hand at selling where he did very well but absolutely hated it because he said he saw no reason for a company to buy his product when there was another, just as good and a lot cheaper, down the road. In a chance meeting Peter managed to obtain a post with an independant Wine Merchants and managed two of their outlets for something like 9 years. Following this he joined the Civil Service as a Jobcentre employee dealing with unfortunates who were in need of government assistance. It was in this environement that he first discovered a natural understanding of desktop computers which eventually led him to becoming a Corporate Computer Help-desk Manager within the Dept. for Work & Pensions.
Intuitively intelligent and practical Peter still has an all abiding love of aeroplanes and flying but his main interests nowadays are computers and his wife Annette.
Myself and Annette
Annette & myself on our wedding day 1972