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Mahjong Tiles

The image has been 'borrowed' from the following site:- We highly recommend a vist.

The Image above does not purport to show all the Bricks & Suites but is merely to give you a visual idea. Mahjong consists of 144 Bricks (sometimes called Tiles) although this is not set in stone!

Warning:- Mahjong is advertised all over the Internet but 95% of these are false! Mahjong is not and never has been a 'Solitaire' game.

We are sorry if you expected a full resume of the game at this stage. Frankly we are not quite ready as the concentration is on the computing pages and we really feel that it is important to give full credit to each subject. Please make use of the link at the top of the page to your left. This link gives both definitive explanations of the Brick Sets used in the game and also includes some descriptions of the game itself.