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Pure and Simple


Despite what you might have 'discovered' or been 'told' computers are not fiends in disguise, they are merely machines built to perform certain functions. They are really no more complicated than your average Washing Machine or Dishwasher - push the right buttons, sit back and everything is done for you. Of course, no-one would deny that their method of  doing this might appear a little bewildering or frightening but this is not the fault of the computer itself! In actual point of fact that darn Digital Viewing Box or your average TV DVD Recorder is more complicated and less functional. (Have you ever tried to seriously tune one of those things)?

First of all let's dispel a major myth - computers themselves rarely break down or go wrong. All those horror stories you hear are just that - stories remembered and relayed for sensationalism! In fact, nowadays the 'computer problem' has almost replaced the 'fish that got away' stories. Magnified out of all proportion to reality.